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TAP - The Training Accreditation Programme

TAP is the BILD's recommended Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development Programme for L&D professionals and introducing TAP and its Awarding Body

The Training Accreditation Programme (TAP) has been focused on professionalising Learning & Development, at both function and individual practitioner levels, since 1998. Much more than a 'train the trainer' programme, TAP was recognised by a Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation in 2005. It is now an international standard, with some 1,400 organisations employing 27,000+ TAP-certified trainers in more than 30 Countries.

As of the 1st October all new learners with TAP gain 1 year's free membership to the Institute.

  • Those holding a TAP Certificate will gain Associate level membership (ABILD - Post Nominal)
  • Those holding a TAP Diploma will gain Member level membership (MBILD - Post Nominal)
  • Those holding a Master Diploma may gain Fellow level membership, if they can demonstrate at least three years in an L&D Leadership role.


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