The Magnificent Seven questions for an L&D; ‘Online Learning Strategy’

Has the task of writing the L&D strategy landed on your desk? Or, perhaps the strategy is already set in stone but you are considering how to ‘future-proof’ it in terms of offering blended solutions and learning technologies? In either scenario, please read on….

Here are The Magnificent Seven questions to consider when writing your L&D Online Learning Strategy.

1. What are the business drivers and top priorities?

Wants and needs are the same thing, right? Wrong!

It occurred to me recently, in that sudden, unbidden way that ideas usually pounce, that I’ve worked in Learning and Development for 23 years. That’s exactly half the time I’ve existed. I haven’t yet worked out whether to be thrilled at this achievement, or alarmed that life’s moving so quickly. I’ve been really lucky and I’ve had the chance to work with people across geographical, cultural and ethical boundaries and I’ve come into contact with a very broad spectrum, hierarchically speaking. If I analysed things in a purely reflective, non-scientific kind of way, I’d be happy to gamble that the further a sponsor is from the chalk face, the more distorted their view of learning that needs to happen within their organisation. That’s a key word: needs.

It’s probably appropriate for me to define who the sponsor is in this context. Avert your eyes if you have a particularly sensitive political correctness radar; the sponsor’s the MAN … the person or people who have the Money, Authority and Need for an intervention. Technically, the MAN could be a woman. Or a man. Or both, if there’s more than one. Whatever. You get the picture, right?

Anyway, my point is that there’ve been so many times that I’ve had to divorce a sponsor’s wants from their needs, that it’s almost become a part of my TNA’s DNA. Validating the need, if you will. You might have found yourself in a similar position, where a sponsor tells you want they want to happen and expect you to react without question, leaving your experience and expertise counting for nothing.

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