Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

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The BILD Complaints Procedure

The BILD takes complaints seriously and adheres to a defined professional complaints procedure, which is periodically reviewed. In the unlikely event of a complaint, we adopt the following process.

1. Complaints can typically be received by letter/email. However, if a telephoned complaint is received the complainant is requested to submit in writing so that it can be reviewed fully.

2. Details of the complaint are logged by Business Manager in the ‘Membership/Complaints’ file as follows:

  • name of the BILD member
  • name/contact details of the complainant
  • date complaint received
  • summary of the complaint

3. Complaint letter/email is passed to a nominated Director to review and discuss appropriate action

4. Business Manager will initially write to the complainant to acknowledging receipt of complaint, within 48 hrs.

5. Business Manager will contact the BILD member requesting clarification on the nature of the complaint or requesting more details, if necesssary.

6. Business Manager to take appropriate action to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all parties – may confer with a nominated Director as appropriate.

7. Business Manager will log all actions in the Complaints file

8. If the complainant remains dissatisfied – the formal complaints procedue will be followed below.

Formal Complaints Procedure

9. The case is put to the Board:

  • the nature of the complaint is discussed as to the next steps required, depending upon the complexity of the complaint
  • the complaint will be dealt with within a 4-week period if possible, and action recorded in writing
  • the board may decide to suspend a member for a specific time frame rather than dismiss them, where appropriate.
  • If no more complaints are received within the agreed time frame then the member may be reinstated.
  • the board retains the rigth to dismiss the member.

The member must remove all BILD logos from their website and any other materials where it is in use in the event of suspension or dismissal.

Where, in the majority view of the Membership Committee, there is evidence that the BILD Code of Conduct has been breached, the BILD reserves the right to expel the member immediately. The Member shall retain their right of appeal to the BILD Board of Directors as detailed in the BILD Appeals Procedure documentation.

10. Decision is communicated to:

  • the BILD member
  • the complainant

11. In the case where a member is dismissed or suspended as a result of a decision of the Membership Committee, the member has the right of appeal against this decision.

However, the appeal must be:-

  • In writing and must include detailed justification as to why the decision should be revoked and provide supposting evidence.
  • Submitted within 14 days of the decision notification being received by the individual or organisation.

This documentation will be submitted to the BILD Board of Directors at the following Board Meeting and the result of the appeal will be notified to the appellant as soon as possible thereafter.

In the case where an appeal is unsuccessful, the decision will be final and the appeals process is exhausted. No further appeals will bw considered

In the case where an appeal is successful the member will be reinstated with immediate effect.

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