Continuous Professional Development CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

by Rich Wootten

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How do you keep up with your CPD?

One of my relatives was a builder and as such the family had a half build wall in their front garden for years, when I ran my own HR Practice my accountant was late with his own accounts, and a friend of mine is a GP who never looks after his own health!

I’ve come to the conclusion that many professionals are great a delivering the professional service that they are trained to do but when it comes to applying that professional service to their home or own business they tend not to, regardless of how good they might be. Or to coin a Scottish phrase I picked up “The cobblers wanes are always the worst shod”.

As Learning and Development professionals we ensure that our learners keep up to date with their Learning and Development and ensure that they hit the CPD that they need, but can you hand on heart say that you keep up to date with your own CPD?

The British Institute for Learning and Development provides our members with 6 free CPD events per year, they are spread out across the UK in order that our members can get to at least one per year. 

In the last year our CPD events have been themed around: 

  • Driving UK Performance – Oxford
  • Running a Training Organisation in Difficult times – London 
  • Building a Widget (ROLE) – Milton Keynes
  • Why Mobile Learning may be more important than you think – West Midlands
  • How do drive a coaching culture in your organisation – Reading
  • How to deliver an outstanding Customer experience – Manchester
  • A number of Webinars on Delivering Quality

Our next one is themed L&D looking to the future – on the 8th Oct in London. To book click HERE – for this event we are allowing non members to attend free of charge!

We also have a few other coming up between now and Feb 2013: 

  • L&D Investment or Gambling
  • L&D Learning to do Business overseas

So BILD members have no excuse for letting their CPD slip, what is your excuse? What will you do today to rectify that?

Rich Wootten –
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The BILD Business Manager.

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