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6 Jobs for Former Teachers

Outside the walls of a classroom, there are many jobs for former teachers. Holding a teaching degree opens the doors to many other opportunities that can use your skills and experience. If you are a former teacher, you should consider the following second career opportunities below. 


Some former teachers go on to become librarians. This position may require additional educational certificates, but your teaching experience can be influential in landing you the job. Here you will work with students and adults in helping them to find books, learning about training that occurs within the library, and so much more! 


If you are done with teaching but want to stay in the education sphere without having to enter the classroom, you can take up a position as an education administrator. You can check nearby schools to see if there are open positions and if you’re qualified to apply. 

Human Resources Specialist

Human resource specialists are known for hiring the right people and matching them to suitable positions, availing them of conditions to succeed. Teachers are adept at helping people discover knowledge and talent. Being a former teacher makes taking on this position easier. You may need an additional certificate or education in business administration to secure this position. 


In the world now, writers are in great demand. Many websites, businesses, and organizations are in regular demand of writers who will help them with their writing needs. Most teachers make excellent writers. You can freelance or join an in-house writing team to bring home the bacon. 

Public Relations Specialist 

Doing an amazing job as a public relations expert requires being very good at communications. Given your classroom experience, you have got that covered. Your skills at communicating, writing, and planning will help you relate better with media professionals and the public.

Event Planner

You can use your experience in coordinating lessons and projects to make people’s ideas of events to come alive. Birthdays, business conferences, fundraising, and weddings are just a few events that you help make people come true. Doing this does not require acquire any additional educational certificate.

Above are some jobs for former teachers that are good uses of your experience. Changing careers can be really hard at times. However, choosing a new career that is similar to your previous career will make the transition easier. If you are a former teacher, you can consider any of the careers mentioned above if you need a new job opportunity.