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Check Out These Preschool New Year Activities for Learning and Fun

The new year is an exciting time for most people around the world. There are many activities adults, and some children can take part in, but what about preschoolers? While they may not be ready for most activities, there are some things that preschoolers can do that are fun and educative. Check a few of them out.

Celebration Playdough 

A celebration-themed playdough party will be the perfect way to help preschool kids enjoy New Year’s Eve. You can also bring back this idea during birthday celebrations. Some colorful homemade playdough will also be great at any time of the year once you get the right combination of colors and materials. 

Paper Cup Party Popper Craft 

One of the best ways to help preschool kids to have fun is to make the activity as easy as possible. That is exactly what this activity achieves. With a few simple materials like a paper cup, a balloon, scissors, and something to pop, you are ready to give your little one special time. 

Glitter Star Wands

Glitter Wands are a great way to impress your little one. You will need some cardboard, dowel rods, glitter, scissors, cardstock, a pencil, mod podge, craft glue, ribbon, and pom-poms. You can customize the versatile star wands to suit any occasion at all.  

DIY Party Hats 

New Year’s Eve DIY party hats are a fun activity that preschool kids will enjoy. It is a simple and interesting activity you can also do for other celebrations. Print out the printables, help the kids to cut out the black paper hat, and have the kids glue or tape the hat together. You can work with the kids to fix the logo. 

Pop-Up Homemade Firework Craft 

There are preschool-safe fireworks your child will find exciting. Whether it is a New Year’s celebration, birthday party, 4th July, or even Bonfire night, this simple homemade firework pop-up will always make the occasion livelier. You just need a wooden spoon, black paper, ribbons, stapler or sticky tape, scissors, and star stickers.

There you have it! Above are some preschool New Year activities for learning and fun. The holiday season is a great time to spend with your kids and get them involved in any of these preschool activities. If you have older students, don’t miss our article on science projects for 4th-grade students.