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Fun Summer Reading Incentive Program Ideas

Whether it’s a fun activity or something more structured, there are plenty of options out there that will get your kids reading in no time.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage children to read over the summer, then this list of ideas is for you. Whether it’s a fun activity or something more structured, there are plenty of options out there that will get your kids reading in no time.

Summer Reading Bingo

  • How to Play: A group of kids or adults is split into teams, and each team chooses a book for their own bingo board. Each player gets a marker and writes down the title of their chosen book on the card.
  • Prizes: You could offer prizes for whoever wins at least three out of four games (or whatever you decide). For example, if we were playing with five players per team, you could award a prize for winning two out of three games and another one for winning all four games! The more books they read during this time period will mean that there’s more money available at the end of the program when prizes are handed out!
  • Tracking: Once we’ve played our first game I encourage everyone who participated in this activity to fill out an online form so we can keep track of how many books each participant has read over time.”

Summer Reading Olympics

Preparations for these summer games should be made before the event. The rules and time limits are important, so make sure you have them ready before the day of your party. You can also set up a prize for the winner, or perhaps even give out extra prizes based on how well they do during each game.


Read-a-thon is a fundraiser that raises money for a cause. It’s also an opportunity to encourage reading, and it can be fun! You may want to hold a read-a-thon during your event or at its conclusion.

One way you could do this would be by having participants read aloud from different books throughout the day, or all at once if you have enough people attending (and there are 10+ readers)! This will get people interested in reading more—and since they’ll be doing something positive with their time, they’ll feel good about contributing too!

Contests, prizes and incentives

You can also use incentives to motivate students to read. Some examples include:

  • Monetary prizes for reading a certain book or genre of books (e.g., $10 for reading Pride and Prejudice; $20 for reading Harry Potter)
  • Prizes that are only awarded at the end of the season or year, such as a new laptop or tablet computer in exchange for reading 100 books during the school year

Summer Reading in the Sun

  • Beach reading
  • Reading by the pool
  • Reading in a hammock
  • Reading on a boat (or canoe)
  • Reading in a tent or other outdoor structure that’s easy to set up and take down, such as a small canopy tent or beach umbrella. You could also try reading in the snow! Or simply find somewhere sunny where you can sit outside and enjoy your book while gazing out at nature.

Take a Break Day, Week or Month

If you’re looking for an easy way to reward your students for reading, then try taking a break day. This can be as simple as letting them take the afternoon off and doing something else, like watching TV or playing video games. You could also encourage them to go out on the town with their friends after school instead of staying at home all day (which is also fun!). Another great idea is having them write about what they did during their break days in journals when they get back together again later in the week or month!

Summer Reading Marathon

Summer Reading Marathon is an easy way to get kids excited about reading. It’s also a great way for them to earn reading rewards and prizes, but the benefits don’t stop there. As well as improving their literacy skills, they’ll gain self-confidence by having fun while they’re doing it!

To run a summer reading marathon:

  • Start with books that are relevant and age-appropriate (you can find these online or at your library). You might want to consider having some age-appropriate activities planned out beforehand so that when your family gets together on a Saturday morning/afternoon/evening in front of the TV after church services end for example; everyone knows what their roles will be!
  • Make sure everyone has their own copy so no one ends up missing out on anything important happening during this time period…which leads into…

There are lots of fun ways to encourage reading over the summer

Summer reading programs can be fun and rewarding, but they need to be done in a way that encourages kids to read more often. If you’re looking for ideas on how to give your kids a great incentive, here are some ways:

  • Use games. Games like Simon Says or Uno encourage kids to think about what they’re doing and make decisions based on those thoughts—and that’s what reading does too! You could also have them play video games instead of just regular books (as long as it’s not violent).

Free tickets, prizes or gifts. The end goal is helping them continue their love affair with literature while also getting some extra pocket money out of it…it’s win-win all around!