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How to Become a Computer Engineer Or Electrical Engineer

Deciding whether to get into the engineering field is one thing, but deciding whether to choose to become a computer engineer or electrical engineer is actually a big consideration for a lot of people. Both career paths have their perks and drawbacks, and you will be able to make a better choice if you understand them.

Academic Advancement

As an electrical engineer, you only need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for entry-level roles in the electrical engineering field. There is no demand that you must possess a master’s degree. Even if you want to a master’s degree or doctorate, it is because you want to improve your skills or prepare yourself for an advanced role.

Computer engineering, on the other hand, can be competitive, with the desirable jobs being left to those with a master’s degree. To make a good living in this field, you should plan on devoting an additional two to three years beyond your bachelor’s degree to further your education. This will take time and rack up tuition costs, but the benefits they add to your qualifications are great. 

If you want a faster start and less debt, and can accept potentially less money, studying electrical engineering may be preferable.

Practical and Theory Application

If you favor learning an engineering course with complex theory, you will want to go down the computer engineering path. Much of the subjects involved in this field are computer programming related, including the construction of algorithms, numerical analysis, AI, and more.

Electrical engineering places more emphasis on practical applications. They apply science, mathematics and engineering principles to create a solution to a problem. Electrical engineers are more focused on following established guidelines to build reliable and safe systems that must work all the time. This work is in great contrast to the development of algorithms and computer software that is often never completed, requiring frequent updates, or redevelopment.

From the explanation above, one can easily decide whether to become a computer engineer or electrical engineer. Both are good jobs but have different requirements to land them. More than that, a person’s happiness may depend on what they want from the work they do.