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Middle School Student Council Fundraising Ideas

Schools require funds to buy books, field trips, annual school projects, and so much more. Many schools struggle with funding, so they turn to fundraising projects to help fill budget shortfalls. Fundraisers help to contribute money to actualize an honorable cause by the school. But to ensure that a fundraising event is a success, you have got to have an ace up your sleeve. Here are some middle school student council fundraising ideas. 

Reading Challenge

Parents love to see that their kids are doing fine academically, especially in reading. Encourage students to take on the challenge of reading a book and have others give money for how many pages they complete. The winner goes home with a certificate and book of their choice. The event will not only help you to raise the funds that the school needs, but also encourage students to read more in the future. 

Dog Walk 

Do you have pet lovers among your students? This is a time to inspire them to come to school with their canine pal and show them off. Students get to walk their dog a set distance while pulling in the funds your school needs. You don’t need to limit the animal choice to dogs. You can include turtles, mini horses, and more. 

Zombie Run

Another fundraising idea for middle school students is the zombie run. Hire volunteers to dress up as zombies and chase around the participating students. This is an opportunity for them to take memorable photos and convince their guardians to contribute funds for running the school. 

Easter Egg Hunt

This is a school fundraising event that is easy to organize. Hide chocolates and other treats at different spots around the school’s premises and have the students search for them. They can compete individually or in a group. The student who retrieves the most treats becomes the winner and gets a reward. 

There you have it! Above are some fundraising ideas for middle school students. Fundraising provides a great opportunity for students to raise money for school projects, supplies, field trips, and much more. These fundraising ideas are fun and easy to create. They will ensure that at the end of the day, your organization has the funds they need.