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School Fundraiser Ideas for Trips, Supplies, or Scholarships

Schools understand the value of fundraising as a means to realize their needs. Through fundraising, the administration can fund school trips, pay for school supplies, scholarships, and other major projects.

Having a well-planned fundraiser is key for a school to generate all the funds that they need for survival. This is why we have put together some ideas for how to get the most funds that you need to execute on school projects. Some of the ideas to raise adequate school funds include:

Sell School Merchandise

Schools can get the fund they need by selling their merchandise. Merchandises such as T-shirts, mascot toys, or other memorabilia can be sold at sports functions and other general fundraising events. Branded school merchandise is a good way of helping the school get the funds they need. 

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is an opportunity for kids to have fun and build social skills; it is also an avenue where schools can source funds. Students can pay to partake in this activity. Come up with a theme that’s related to their curricular activities and ensure that’s there is a reward waiting for the participants. 

School Picnic

A very typical way of fundraising, picnic fundraising encourages spending time outdoors as much as it inspires attendants to contribute to the good course of the school. Plan a picnic on a selected field, determine a participation fee, and map out a raffle to generate more funds

Theater Play

Every parent desires to come and see their child perform in a school play. Promote the play and charge a fee for friends and family to come and see it. Make sure to be clear about how the money will be used. They will be more willing to contribute to the fundraising project if they know it will be used for a good cause.

Going on trips, buying supplies, and offering support to students and teachers is an important part of having an awesome school year. However, these things can be financially demanding. 

For schools or students who are not able to meet all of their needs, a fundraiser can be a great method to raise the needed funds. These fundraiser ideas provided above are some of the ways that a school can effectively and efficiently generate the fund it needs to execute vital projects.