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The Strength of a Teacher Comes From These Traits

Teachers are some of the strongest people on earth. You may never really appreciate their strength until you step into their shoes and feel what they feel. Just as parents feel a great sense of responsibility towards their children, most teachers feel a great deal of responsibility towards their students. 

Considering that the students are from different backgrounds and have very different characteristics, it is simply amazing that many teachers are able to keep their sanity while interacting with the students under their care. Although it is actually quite obvious why they are able to handle so many children. They are because their strength comes from these traits: 


It takes real courage to take up the responsibilities of a teacher. Considering that students depend fully on their teachers for acquisition of knowledge, an individual who is not courageous cannot handle the pressure. They also must be able to speak up when they see a situation unfolding that could interfere with the learning process.


Dealing with people generally requires patience. This is especially true when you have to deal with children who are still growing and figuring out who they are. A teacher will have to deal with the mischievous nature of children, requiring a high level of patience. Without patience, a teacher can easily break under pressure and even the overall nature of the education system. 


Teachers are generally expected to be emotionally available to their students. In the early years of life, we all need to be reassured from time to time that we are not alone, and a teacher owes the student the same. While coddling students may be out of place, a teacher must be courageous enough to show each student that they are available when needed.


Intellectual flexibility is another important trait that makes a good and strong teacher. Teachers are generally bombarded with curricular requirements, testing standards, evaluation metrics, and more. It takes flexibility to deal with all of this and still serve the students in the best possible way. 


Teachers need to be confident in themselves and the system they operate in to make the necessary impact in the lives of their students. Teachers are frequently challenged, both by what they are being told to teach, their students, and parents, so confidence is needed at all times for the sake of establishing order and allowing those around the teacher to also feel confident.

There you have it! Above are some strengths of a teacher that comes from these traits. The teacher has a huge role in the life of a child. For a teacher to be successful and impactful, it is essential that you possess most of these traits, if not all.