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Valentine Ideas for Teachers of Elementary School Students

Once again, Valentine’s Day is upon us. While the origin is a little controversial, the holiday has been accepted all over the world as a season of love and celebration. Like other people, teachers of elementary school students need to be part of Valentine’s Day celebrations, just like they did in Fall. The little ones also need to know what Valentine’s Day is all about and how to celebrate it the right way. Thinking of an appropriate way to celebrate valentine with elementary school students? 

Here are some Valentine ideas for teachers. 

A Note of Kindness 

This is one of the best ways to get your students to say good things about one another in an appropriate manner. You can start by putting the names of all students in a jar and have everyone pick a name randomly from the jar. Everyone will go ahead to write a note of kindness to the student he or she picked. You can decide the best way to showcase these notes. 

I Love That I…

This is a simple exercise that will promote self-love and appreciation. On Valentine’s Day, you can have your elementary students write positive things about themselves. With simple headings like “I Love that I Can…,” “I Love that I am…,” and “I Love that I have…;” you will get your students to think about what they love about their lives and to express it. 

Valentine’s Day Boxes 

If your students are going to receive special notes and cards from their friends, you can engage them further by instructing them to make Valentine’s Day boxes. Such boxes can be made from empty cereal boxes and you should give instructions on how to decorate them. The student with the best box should be rewarded. 

Door Decoration Contest 

This is one simple activity that can lift the spirits of most students in the school. All you need to do is announce that there will be a door decoration contest for all classrooms down the hall. Appoint judges from all the classes, one from each class. You should try to provide something reasonable like a Valentine’s Day cake as the prize for the class with the best decoration

There you have it! Above are some Valentine’s Day ideas for teachers of elementary school students. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with elementary students can be fulfilling. The activities here can lighten things up for you and your students.