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What are Good Gifts for Law School Graduation?

Graduating from law school is a huge achievement. After burning the candle at both ends, studying piles of books and amassing students loans, it has all come to an end. If you have someone that is leaving law school, it may be a good idea to present them a personalized gift.

Here is a list of good gifts of law school graduation that we have carefully selected.

Law Themed Mugs

If the law grandaunt is a fan of caffeinated drinks, there are many law themed mugs out there to present to them as a gift. For example, the Disappearing Civil Rights mug when cold displays the Bills of Rights on its surface.

Rechargeable Book Light

Lawyers are known to deal with hundreds of pages of documents each week. Presenting this small rechargeable lantern is a way of egging them on to read anywhere at any time. It is portable as its light does not come with a cord and the battery lasts up to 20 hours after a single charge.

Leather Briefcase

Lawyers have this classic appearance of putting on a suit, a tie, and carrying a briefcase, which houses all the documents they will be working on. Get them a sleek and leather briefcase that will be enough to accommodate all the papers they will deal with each day.

Personalized Pen Set

A gift that a lawyer will make use of is a pen that will enable them to sign papers. A personalized pen set will add a professional tone to their desk and will etch onto their memory a picture of you that they will cherish.

A Book

It is an undeniable fact that your lawyer is an avid reader and will read more after graduating from law school to sharpen their mind and profession. A book to help them kick off their career is “The Tools of Argument,” a good book to help them learn how a lawyer argues and wins cases.

Above are good gifts for law school graduation. Getting a gift for your friend or loved one for their law school graduation is an excellent idea. The above gift ideas will be well appreciated by the person receiving the gift. Take your pick!