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What Poem For High School Students Would Impress Others?

Finding engaging poems that are thought provoking for high school students can be challenging. You can never tell when a poem will make a student yawns and shut their minds off, or light up and seek out even more. 

Wooing these young minds into loving poetry is a very hard task for teachers. When exposed to a wrong form of literature, they may come to develop a feeling of repulsion and hate for poetry all through high school life and beyond. 

Here, we have listed poems for high school students that will impress them and make them love poetry.

The Gift” by Li-Young Lee

In this poem, a son revisits his childhood past with his father. This journey came about after he removed a splinter from his wife’s hand while making an effort to apply the same gentle nature his father once showed him. Suitable for 9th grade students, this poem is infused with metaphor and creates an immersive experience for the reader. 

Mosquitoes” by Aimee Nezuhkamatetil

This poem by Aimee tells about a young woman who notices a changing relationship between her and her stargazing father. Written for 7th grade and above, this poem is modeled after Robert Hayden’s “Those Winter Sundays.” It is one great poem for high school students. 

Sonnet 18” by William Shakespeare

Coming from one of the finest writers of all time, Sonnet is a poem written for 9th-grade students. Her character narrates his feelings towards her as though they were summer qualities. The poem is about love, eternity, and selfishness. It is a poem that high school students will be pleased to read. 

Snow” David Berman

In this poem, the narrator recounts the experiences of walking through a field with his little brother Seth. They come across angel imprints made by kids on the snow. The narrator tells his brother that the angels have been shot and dissolved in the ground. This is an interesting poem that will capture and absorb a high school student’s attention. 

Above are all of the poems that might impress high school students. Poems can be a challenge, and aren’t always received equally well. However, these poems may over an inroad so they can start to enjoy more literature works.