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What Students Learn From the Quantum Learning Network

The Quantum Learning Network (QLN) is an educational network out to making a difference in the mind, hearts, and lives of children. This organization has been in existence for more than 30 years. Since its founding, QLN has empowered more than 10 million children from all over the United States and more than 80 countries around the world. 

“Excellence in education means positive school wide cultures that are engaging and joyful environments where kids are confident and get excited about learning. I’m always inspired by the energy created when students, schools, and communities that embrace excellence through our programs”, according to Bobbi DePorter, President, Quantum Learning Network.

QLN has a wide range of educational programs that include Quantum Learning Education, the QLN Conference Center, 8 Keys of Excellence, SuperCamp, and many more.

These courses have, in one way or another, positively impacted the lives of students to help them to become productive in the various facets of life. According to one study conducted in Illinois, 85% of 7th-grade Quantum Learning Network students met the state standards on the Intensive Math compared to the traditional 77%.

QLN has a conducive environment that helps to guarantee the effective training and learning of students in that way the works for the student. The QLN educational model serves the world with an innovative and academic enhancing curriculum through its staff development and workshops for administrators. They are highly dedicated to giving students the tools to change the world. 

Do you intend to join the Quantum Learning Network to change the life of your child? You can learn about the requirements by visiting Joining today will enable you to build your child’s character for their success in the 21st century, while also contributing to a stronger and more intellectual community

Visit the website to find out more about the programs that may be right for your student. The Quantum Learning Network is an organization that will ensure that your child is trained properly using conventional and effective educational strategies.