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What to Expect With Your Child During Preschool Screenings

Preschool screenings are a way of examining the performance of young children to help ensure they possess the skills to begin their education. The data gathered from this screening will help the educational staff to offer services or other suggestions to help the child to succeed.

If you are preparing your child for preschool screenings, this post is for you. We have curated a list of possible skill examinations that you should expect during your child’s preschool screenings.

Language Skills

At preschool screenings, your child’s ability to understand, communicate and adhere to instruction is examined. This includes the child’s ability to rhyme simple words, follow directions as specified, comprehend and answer basic questions such as name and age and more.

Fine Motor Skills

The fine motor skills preschool screening involves the assessment of the coordination of the child’s small skeletal muscles. These are the muscles found around the fingers, hands, and eyes. The examination enables the education institution to determine your child’s ability to draw simple shapes, write their name, jump, catch objects, and hold the pencil correctly.

Social Development Skills

This stage is designed to help gauge your child’s social skills. Your child is expected to relate well with other students. Their ability to converse with other kids, display empathy, obedience to rule, conflict resolution, self-control, and other forms of social skills are looked into.

Self-Help Development Skills

Self-help skills are the basic skills your child needs for everyday living. These self-help skills boost their self-esteem and cognitive abilities and encourage them to be independent in performing their daily activities. You child’s self-care abilities are examined including toilet training, eating, dressing and grooming, and arranging their toys.

Behavioral Screening

Young children are full of emotions and they are learning every day how to manage them. When a school staff screens your child’s emotional skills, they use the data gathered to know your child better and to personalize educational services to suit them.

Lead Screening

Most states require lead screening to assess your child’s exposure to lead and its interference to their growth and development. Some schools carry out this examination on a daily basis.

There you have it! Above are some of the things you can expect with your child during preschool screenings. If you are bothered about your child getting ready for preschool screenings, this list will help you to get them ready and to get them started on anything they might be falling behind on.