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Why Kids Should Know Education Opens Doors of Opportunity

The world is changing in many ways. Kids are assimilating more information at a faster rate than many older folks did in our days. While there is good information out there, there are several misleading ideas and misinformation in the internet and in the media too. One idea that gets passed around, especially in the younger generation, is that education is not as relevant as it used to be. 

Truth be told, formal education is not the only route to success. There are economies around the world where educational certificates do not guarantee employment and will barely provide people with enough to raise a family. This, however, does not mean that education is not important. 

There are folks who will try to twist the story and gain more listeners by stressing that basic education is important while higher education is a waste of time. This is a dangerous misinformation that you have to debunk to kids as early as possible. Making children understand that higher education opens doors of opportunity is something every parent, teacher, and guardian must do.

There are so many reasons kids need to be told the truth about the importance of education. The primary reason is for their own good. Kids need to be made to understand that formal education has a way of preparing them for the future. They need to realize that obtaining higher education puts them in better positions to attract certain jobs that are not available to even the most skillful uneducated person. Though most employers cherish skills more than paper qualifications, some jobs can never be given to people who have not obtained higher education. 

It is also important that kids understand that some of the most prized jobs in the world require people who have spent several years to obtain higher education. They need to know that there are no alternative ways to qualify as doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and similar jobs except through higher education. 

It is also important to let kids know that a well-educated citizenry is a social and economic necessity. We need to let them know that without the highly educated persons in the fields of science and technology as well as arts and humanity, the human race will suffer. Let them know that while business and skill development is important and education opens doors of opportunity.
Along with making sure that students recognize the importance of higher education, it is important to track their progress each day. Making a checklist that tracks growth will help to keep them on track and you to know where they may be falling behind.