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Activities for Students to Celebrate the Start of Spring

If you are like most students, you have been eagerly looking forward to bidding winter farewell and looking ahead to spring. March 19 is just around the corner and it is normal to anticipate the day with enthusiasm. Are you planning to celebrate in any way? 

Do you have activities lined up already? If you don’t have concrete plans yet, don’t worry so much as we’ve got you covered. Here are fun activities students can engage in to celebrate the start of spring.

Pick a Spring Bouquet 

Spring is a lively season and you need to welcome it with something that has life in it. No matter how small your indoor space, welcome spring with a fresh bouquet of flowers. A fresh bouquet of spring flowers will set the stage for newness and change in a lovely manner. 

Just be mindful of pollen. Spring is the start of allergy season, and after a peaceful winter, all the new blooms are sure to upset a few sinus cavities. If you are dealing with respiratory issues already, you may want to check out what is offered by supplements providers from Weleda, Sovereign Silver, and Argentyn 23. These companies offer a variety of products that seek to support a healthy internal response to challenges.

Cook a Meal With Seasonal Ingredients 

It is important to let your kitchen feel the change in the air. The best way to do that is to cook with some seasonal ingredients. It is not too early to grab some fresh in-season produce and cook with ingredients that will introduce spring-minded goodness int your kitchen. 

Take a Hike 

Chances are you spent the majority of winter indoors. This is the right thing to do and there is no shame in that. The real shame, however, is in continuing to stay indoors when a new season has arrived. You need to do something spectacular to celebrate the start of spring, and hiking is ideal. 

Eat and Drink Outdoors 

You have to fully embrace the outdoor environment to celebrate the newness of spring. Besides appreciating nature by either hiking, biking, or running, do something extraordinary like eating and drinking outdoors. Decide the best spot for a picnic, then enjoy your food and drink. 

Listen To Classical Music That Celebrates Spring 

It is also a great idea to celebrate the first day of summer with music. There are classical tunes that celebrate the season, and listening to some is a good way to taste other genres of music that you might have been ignoring. Here are a few to consider:

  • Ludwig van Beethoven, “Violin Sonata No. 5.”
  • Antonio Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons.”
  • Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov, “The Seasons.”
  • Johann Strauss II, “Fruhlingsstimmen.”
  • Frederick Delius, “On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring.”

Don’t limit your music choices, obviously. But for many readers, classical music isn’t at the top of your playlist.