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Children’s Books about Healthy Eating 

Are you a parent that has been trying to motivate your children on healthy eating? Or maybe you’re a teacher that has young kids in your care? I admit that encouraging kids to eat healthy foods can be very challenging because, well, they’re kids, and they will always eat what they want regardless of how it’s made as long as it’s edible. 

One of the best ways to educate your kids is to show them how it’s done by setting good examples. For instance, if you’re supplementing your diet with products from Carlson Labs or Pharmax, you are setting a good example.

Another method is to educate them through books. Let’s look at some reading materials that teach kids to eat healthily. 

Good Enough to Eat: A Kid’s Guide to Food and Nutrition

This is an excellent piece from Lizzy Rockwell, and it teaches kids how to eat healthily and have a healthy diet. The book covers different types of nutrition and how they work in the body. It’s a comprehensive guide for kids. 

Why Should I Eat Well?

Claire Llewellyn did wonderfully on why kids need to eat healthily and exercise through her book – Why Should I Eat Well? It’s a well-detailed book with illustrations that kids will understand easily. 

Little Critter: Good for Me and You

The book is a beautiful piece on how kids can live a healthy life through the type of foods that they eat. It demonstrates how important that every kid eats a balanced diet and exercises that can help them. 


This is a nutrition book for toddlers written by Elizabeth Verdick. She used toddlers to show kids why it’s good to have good table manners and how to maintain hygiene. There are demonstrations on how to eat correctly. 

The Boy Who Loved Broccoli

This piece by Sarah A. Creighton tells the tale of a boy Baxter who loved eating broccoli to the extent that it gave him superpowers. It’s innovative because it encourages kids to eat broccoli, just like Baxter did. 

I Will Never Not Eat a Tomato 

Lauren Child took the initiative through this beautiful book and told the stories of little Lola, who is picky about her foods. She doesn’t like eating carrots but gets interested in them when her brother tells her that the fruit is from Jupiter. Her brother also persuaded her to eat mashed potatoes as well through tales. This is an excellent piece for kids. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting children’s books about healthy eating. Eating healthy will never be out of practice for any kid. Educating them is a good idea to start that good habit.