Health and Safety

Germiest Places in School

The fact is that it is challenging to keep both your kids and classrooms clean and healthy. Research has shown that schools are hot areas for germs; thus, common diseases like flu and cold can spread quickly among kids when they’re in close contact with one another. Read on to find out these hot zones, inform your kids to avoid them, and limit the probability of contracting diseases. 


If they aren’t running around the school environment or eating lunch in the cafeteria, some responsible students will spend a lot of time at their desk. Thus, it is not surprising why these surfaces are featured as items that must be disinfected to eliminate the spread of influenza and other diseases.

Art Supplies

Hand-on items, particularly those shared by numerous students, can be considered a potential source of harmful bacteria. When the entire class shares art supplies, they are a hot zone to spread influenza and other diseases.

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment includes pinnies, mats, balls, and a host of others. Note that almost everything that is involved in physical education class is shared, and sweat drops on nearly everything. Thus, ensure that you avoid getting hit during dodgeball due to the germs covering the ball!

Restroom Door

Most people believe that the restroom is the germiest area at school, but the fact is that school restrooms are cleaned daily. The restroom door is another story because not all kids clean up their hands after visiting the bathroom, and everybody touches the door.

Cafeteria Trays and Lunch Boxes

Note that lunch boxes and cafeteria trays are in constant contact with food and hands, allowing pathogens and germs to breed quickly. Even worse, cafeteria trays are not thoroughly and regularly cleaned up between meals.

The Drinking Fountain

Kids often put their mouths close to the fountain spigot, and it is disinfected and cleaned less frequently than in the bathroom. Ensure that you inform your kids to keep their mouths off this area, and allow water to run for some moments before drinking.

There you have it! Above are areas with lots of germs in school. It helps use supplements from brand names like Jarrow Formulas and Perque, but guarding against germs is important too. Teach your kids to stay away from germ-infested areas, and minimize the possibility of contracting illnesses. You can take note of these areas and inform your kids daily before they set off to school. After all, productive learning cannot take place when student health is poor.