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How to Design Social Distancing Classrooms 

The COVID-19 pandemic halted many educational activities when it became a full-blown pandemic. Schools were closed for weeks and, in some cases, even months, affecting schooling globally. Fortunately, as the COVID-19 infection rates have started dropping and the vaccines are being distributed globally, schools have once more started opening to continue academic activities. 

Educational authorities have laid out strict plans to enforce a socially distanced class for all schools, which everyone must adhere to. Let’s take a look at some tips to design socially distanced classrooms

Plan the Desk Spacing

The first thing you need to consider is the spacing between the desks that the students will stay in. The recommended spacing for such should not be more than 6 feet apart. Teachers and administrators can use markings to indicate where each desk can be placed. 

Reduce the Number of Occupants per Class

For a full socially distance classroom to the shape, you may have to consider reducing the number of occupants in each class. This will make the desk spacing able to work. This implies that there can be a minimum of 15 desks in a class. 

Free Up More Spaces by Removing Non-Essentials 

Take out spaces that have been created in the classroom for non-essentials, such as bookcases, food flasks, and others. This ensures more rooms for the desks and students to obey Covid-19 protocols. To make things easier, you can put bookcases, food flasks, and other materials in a general room where they can be picked more freely. 

Create Boundaries for the Spacing Using Casters

This idea can be used to ensure that the students adhere strictly to the six-foot spacing. The casters can be fixed on the pieces of furniture in the class to enforce restrictions on their movements. 

Provide Hand Sanitizing Stations in Each Class 

There should be a station built for the students to sanitize their hands using sanitizer. This can be placed at the entrance of each class or at a corner where they cannot be packed. 

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to design social distancing classrooms. The demands for new COVID-19 protocols are tight, but this can make learning easier during the pandemic. With the tips above, you can create a safe learning environment for your students. Finally, remember to keep yourself fortified and healthy with products like those produced by NutriDyn.