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School Ideas for Fire Prevention Week Activities

Like other important times on the school calendar, fire prevention week should be observed with the right activities. Students need to understand what is happening and learn important lessons about fire prevention. To make this possible, teachers can rely on some proven activities that can be helpful. To help out, we will briefly discuss a few ideas for fire prevention week activities: 

Fire Painting 

This doesn’t take much and can be done with really young students. You can start by handing your students black pieces of paper. Work with them as they squirt thick lines of yellow, red, and orange paint randomly on the paper. Lay a piece of saran wrap over the paint and pull it off afterward. Let the painting dry and do whatever you want with it.

Big Red 

Can you get a blackline master of a fire engine? You can use it for a fun fire prevention week exercise with your students. Run it onto a thick tagboard and ask your students to take time painting it red with fingerpaint, easel paint, and others. 

Read a Relevant Book 

There are books that are appropriate for the week, and you can read them with your student. Depending on their grade and interests, you can also color some books. One of the books we can recommend is “We Like to Play,” an adaptive book by Pati King. The book is great, and your non-verbal students can join in the story. 

Fire Safety Dance Moves 

You can get your students active while trying to teach them fire safety tips. There are special sing-along videos that can help you do that. This particular one from Steve Songs is incredible. It will lead the keys through the four key steps for fire safety. The dance steps are easy to follow, and the children will have a lot of fun learning. 

Learn All About Firetrucks 

Your students are most likely fascinated by fire trucks already. Many play with them as toys. They will be excited to see you teach about one of the things they love. Teach them about different types of firetrucks and relevant equipment they come with. 

There you have it! Above are some school ideas for fire prevention week activities. You can have a fun and happy fire prevention week with your students. The activities and ideas here can help you do just that.