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Socially Distant Games to Play at School for Elementary Aged Students

We have to agree that having fun is very important to kids, especially elementary school children. There are no boundaries that kids cannot break to achieve that goal. The crucial point to note is that most school kid’s play involves getting physical, which is a nightmare for schools and teachers in this period of COVID-19. 

Government authorities are going the distance to ensure that schools and other educational outlets are following Covid-19 protocols to the latter. But that doesn’t mean that we have to rule out fun for kids. Let’s look at games that kids can get involved in while observing the Covid-19 protocol of social distancing. 

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is always fun when kids of the same age group get to play them. The game is pretty much straightforward. A seeker is left standing while the other kids scamper to hide. The first to be caught by the seeker replaces him. Most importantly, there is no need for physical touching. 


Charades is a dramatic game that is suitable for elementary kids, and it’s fun. The participants can decide to play roles in movies, books, roles, and others. The kids will pick who will dramatize for them, and they can all be sanitized before everything else. Physical touching is quite unnecessary, it’s charades, after all, and that will count as cheating. 

Scavenger Hunt 

A socially distanced Scavenger hunt is very much possible and will put all the kids participating on their toes. The kids can look for the clues in different quarters, which ensures they don’t get to touch and is mostly safe. 

Twinkle Tip

This game allows kids to get creative and make the best of their free time by creating items using other objects. For example, they can craft out drawings using leaves, clay, and other materials. 

Field Day

Field Day is another opportunity for students to engage in socially distanced fun activities. They can perform the exercise in a large field where they can exercise separately through instructions from a trainer or teacher. This will keep them apart and healthy. 

There you have it! Above are some socially distant games to play at school for elementary aged students. As the emphasis of COVID-19 protocols is being enforced everywhere around the globe, teachers and schools must get creative with ideas to allow children to have fun while keeping safe. It is also important to reinforce personal health by using products such as Liposomal Vitamin C produced by CoreMed Science.