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Members of the BILD commit to the principles of the BILD Code of Conduct, which indicates the standards of professionalism expected of a member of the British Institute for Learning and Development. It sets out, in general terms the standards which it is reasonable to expect a member to adopt.

For more information regarding Membership of The BILD and its benefits, please click below.

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CPD Events

Throughout the year a variety of events are organised by The British Institute for Learning & Development and its members. For more information regarding current and upcoming events please click below.

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Enabling Quality Assured Learning and Development


A core objective of the BILD is to enable the quality assurance of Learning & Development.  That is also a key objective of our strategic partner, The Training Foundation, whose (TAP) has been uniquely recognised by a second Queen’s Award in 2016 for ‘Innovation in the Quality Assurance of Learning & Development’. 

The TAP Qualifications Framework is a unique and comprehensive suite of assessable Certificates and Diplomas, from training delivery, facilitation, design, eLearning, blended, L&D consultancy and L&D management through to Learning Transfer.

The Board of the British Institute was so impressed by the widespread adoption of the TAP skills framework by UK employers that in 2015 the decision was taken to align the Institute’s membership rules to TAP Qualifications.

ITOL takes over ownership
of the BILD


Exciting times ahead as ITOL take over the day to day running of The BILD! ITOL are working hard to extend their wide ranging benefits package to all BILD members – Think web resources, free access to the ITOL Training & Learning Magazine, the use of ITOL branding, free access to the exclusive members area on the ITOL website, networking opportunities and more. 

Over the coming months you will begin to see some changes in the way things operate but your input is valued and there will be regular communication with you to keep you fully up to date. 

ITOL value their members and have a genuine desire to see you succeed and will do everything within their power to support you. They are a friendly team who are always available for a chat. 

If you have any questions please give ITOL a call on 0151 236 1813.