Is Learning and Development an Investment or a Gamble

Is Learning and Development an Investment or a Gamble?

by Rich Wootten

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Investing in learning and development can be a risky business and the excuses for not investing are often based on the fact that the outcomes are unknown.

The reason the L&D outcomes are often unknown is due to the fact that the outcomes are unmeasured.

The difficulties in measuring a new course or program, particularly from a new supplier, is that the expense is often high and the results need to be measured against the organisational need.

The British Institute for Learning and Development have a number of things that may be of assistance, firstly membership of the BILD ensures that the organisation or individual has had a number of background checks and that they abide by our code of conduct which can be found HERE.

Secondly, our members are able to apply for the BILD Quality Mark, a mark of recognition of good quality L&D, this allows organisations to know that the L&D they are receiving has been reviewed by one of our assessors. Those who have been awarded the Quality Mark are listed HERE. To find our more about the Quality Mark contact
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Lastly, in conjunction with abdi Ltd the BILD are holding a continuing professional development (CPD) event titled “L&D: Investment or gamble” on the 29th November HERE

Our CPD events are free to members and have a small fee for non-members.

If you are not a member of the BILD you can come to this BILD Event free of charge, as a taster if you have never been to a BILD Event before. Call Rich on 0117 856949 to book.

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