Is your LD relevant to the Business

Is your L&D Relevant?

by Rich Wootten

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Is your L&D relevant to the Business?

Whether you are an L&D provider or part of a Learning and Development department, making sure the L&D is aligned with the business goals is important.

Perhaps as an L&D department understanding the business goals might be a little easier, as an L&D provider you’ve got to work a little harder.

As an L&D department it’s easy to just book the cheapest or most local training provider, but if they don’t ask the right questions the training might not be aligned to the business aims. And again as an L&D provider it easy to just give the client what they asked for, but you have to hold your integrity, you have to ensure that the training you are providing is relevant to the over all aims and goals of the business.

Asking the right questions is the key not only to ensuring that the business and the training are in tune but to building better, longer, more fruitful business relationships.

Our next CPD event in Cardiff looks at this topic in a lot of detail and by attending you’ll have a much better understanding of how and why aligning the training and the business is the right thing to do.

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