The 2016 International L&D Standards

The BILD’s Standards for Learning & Development provide guidance to any organisation concerned to ensure that its Learning & Development activities meet quality-assured best-practice.  They represent generic best-practice and are applicable to all learning & development functions, both in the UK and internationally.

Chief Executive David Apparicio explains the background to development of the Standards:

“Without credible best-practice Standards there can be no effective quality assurance of professional performance at either individual practitioner or organisation level.  However, in recent years, employers have faced a major difficulty in aligning their training to fit-for-purpose L&D Standards.  Remarkably, since the demise of the relevant Sector Skills Council Lifelong Learning UK in 2011, no organisation has been responsible for maintaining and updating National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Learning & Development.  So, as confirmed by the UK Commission for Employment & Skills (UKCES) which is responsible for ensuring the NOS for the UK workforce, “The 2010 version of Learning and Development Standards is the most recent version of the NOS”  (Leigh Dickinson  Manager, Standards and Frameworks, UKCES, 2nd June 2016).

In the fast-moving L&D world, where organisational learning is increasingly of strategic importance to every organisation, this has been an extraordinary oversight.  It has been exacerbated in that the NOS published by LLUK in 2010 were not properly focused on the needs of employers in the first place (ie organisational learning) but on the needs of FE colleges (ie individual learning).  Regrettably, most formal training Qualifications are today still based on these outdated Standards.

Addressing this void, the Institute has published the 2016 Edition of its best-practice Standards for Learning & Development.  The Standards represent generic best-practice for all aspects of the L&D Professional’s many and varied roles including important areas not covered in the NOS such as e-Learning and Learning Transfer. The Standards Review Board, comprising senior L&D members from 10 major employers, updates the Standards annually to ensure their currency and applicability in the light of today’s fast-moving L&D environment.

The Standards may be used by organisations as a basis for developing their internal L&D competency frameworks and/or training programmes. They are also the basis for professional grades of Institute membership and all applicants are required to evidence competence aligned to the Standards. 

Facilitating this is the comprehensive suite of TAP L&D Qualifications, whose Competency Framework is closely aligned to the Institute’s Standards.”

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