Learning Design Accreditation Service

The BILD Learning Design Accreditation Service (LDAS) is a unique quality assurance service. It will be of benefit to any L&D function that lacks the competence to self-assess conformance to best-practice

LDAS assesses learning designs against its published design standards (p.4-5); following successful assessment, an initial Certificate is issued for each Accredited Learning Design, valid for three years. The re-accreditation of learning design is a unique and vital step towards professionalising design. Re-accreditation of learning design every three years ensures currency with new learning techniques and technologies and ensures that BILD design standards continue to be embedded within the learning design.

The Accreditation Service is available to any L&D function with responsibility for designing learning materials and may be attractive to those considering aligning themselves to best-practise Standards.

.The BILD Accredited Learning Design insignia may be displayed on any electronic or paper-based resources associated with the course design.

What does applying for BILD Learning Design Accreditation Service involve?

Submissions of classroom or online learning designs for assessment are invited from L&D functions, or from individual learning designers/developers. The learning design will be assessed by an Assessor against the criteria of the BILD Learning & Development standards.

On completion of an LDAS Application Form, the designer will be allocated an Assessor who will agree the scope of the learning design, brief the designer on the critical factors required for a successful outcome and detail what resources to submit.

The designer will receive a short report within three working days with Accreditation approval or with remedial action identified. If remedial action has been identified, designers may re-submit the design for re-assessment within 30 days.

What are the costs?

The fee for submissions is £150 + VAT per learning design submitted.

If the submitted learning design fails the initial assessment, and the recommended remedial actions have been taken, the design may be re-submitted for assessment within 30 days for a fee of £55 + vat.

To discuss access to the LDAS and for an application form
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  • benchmarks learning
designs to best-practice 

• builds learners’ trust in the
reliability of their learning 

• heightens the L&D function’s
credibility within the organisation

• accesses specialist external
expertise to enhance your
design capabilities