Learning Solutions

1st Grade Writing Prompt Ideas

First grade is the time when students are beginning to build their writing skills. Kids should be allowed to express themselves in a variety of ways. 

These prompts will assist kids in developing narrative, and informative writing skills.

Narrative Essay Writing Prompts

  • Assume the role of a bird or a butterfly. Make a list of all the things you could do in a day.
  • Consider a time when you were depressed. What made you feel better?
  • Do you recall a time when you were truly terrified?
  • Do you go on trips with your family? What is your favorite memory from your most recent family vacation?
  • Have you ever moved your family to a new home? Describe the situation.

Opinion Essay Writing Prompts

  • What do you think the most interesting aspect of first grade is?
  • Choose your favorite lunch from the cafeteria at your school. Why do you think it’s your favorite?
  • Which wild animal is your favorite and why?
  • In first grade, you can meet a lot of new kids. What characteristics do you seek in a friend?
  • What is the weather that you despise the most?

Expository Essay Writing Prompts

  • List three reasons why you look up to someone you admire.
  • Explain why brushing your teeth every day is so important.
  • Describe the rules of your favorite board game.
  • Accomplish you know how to do anything that your peers haven’t yet found out, such as chewing gum to make a bubble or jumping rope? Demonstrate how to do it.