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4 Children’s Picture Books That Talk About Race

Racism is a sensitive and important issue. Kids are not left out of getting caught up with issues around the color of your skin and ethnic background. It is important that you talk with your kids about race. To jump-start this conversation, there are picture books about race that will help you communicate meaningfully with young and developing minds.

Something Happened in Our Town

This picture book follows the story of two families – one white and the other black – living in the same community and is caught up in the systemic racism after the shooting of a police officer by a black. Using child-friendly dialogues, the book helps children to better understand the racial bias existing in society. 

Separate Is Never Equal 

This book follows Sylvia Mendez, an American citizen of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. She was denied admission into a whites-only school ten years before the Brown v. Board of Education. Sylvia and her parents fought the systemic racism, which contributed to ending school segregation in California.

Let the Children March

The book is based on a true story of kids who wanted to march through the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, in 1964, after hearing Martin Luther King Jr speak. Their move met opposition from their parents but the kids eventually did the marching to make a difference. The movement later became known as the Children’s Crusade. 


Dreamers is a beautifully illustrated book about the author’s immigration journey from Mexico into the United States. It talks about the loss of family, at the end, tells us all that matters is making a home out of where one’s heart is. It is a great book to help your kids to understand what some people go through to become an American citizen. 
There you have it! These are the top picture books you can get today to talk about race with your children. The books are made to be children-friendly and described to help them know everything they need to know about the race. These are worth having on your shelf, along with other important books, like those dealing with bullying.