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5 Bad Habits Students Develop Over Summer Break

Summer break is supposed to be a time for students to relax, learn more about life and become better citizens. It is also supposed to be a good time for teachers to relax, recharge their batteries and learn important skills to become better at the job.

Ironically, summer breaks have become more of a curse than a blessing, especially for students. Because they are less-monitored and guided, some students learn bad habits that make the job of the teacher harder and also affect their chances of becoming better citizens.

We believe that discussing some of the bad habits students learn during summer break will help some avoid them. Here, we will shed some lights on some of these bad habits so that students can avoid them:


Procrastination is one dangerous habit that can kill dreams and render a student incapable of fulfilling their potentials. It can start when students decide to keep their projects for the summer break with the hope of getting them done as quickly as possible when school is about to reopen. If not checked, it can affect every other aspect of the student’s life.


We all have a part of us that wants to just lay down and watch others do the things we ought to do. Many students learn to embrace this bad side during the summer break. It can start as a simple desire to take a well-deserved rest. It needs to be checked as early as possible.

Poor Attitude to Studying

Many people believe that the summer break is a time to take a break from all kinds of study. This is not healthy for a student who wants to succeed academically or become a leader. Teachers and parents need to encourage students to read and study during summer breaks. Studying opens their minds to opportunities and will make them embrace their academics once they get back to school.

Lack of Interests in Tests

No one should write tests during summer breaks – that is understandable. However, it is important that students don’t develop a lack of interest in taking tests. It’s true that the results of tests do not determine how far a student will go in life, but they help to boost confidence and can open doors to opportunities.

Knowing the bad habits students are prone to develop during summer breaks, teachers and parents can help to stem them. Students should also be careful not to fall into any trap in the form of a bad habit that can ruin their future.