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5 Brain Break Ideas for Kids between Regular Lessons

During regular school lessons, students can use breaks to help them process what they have just learned. Breaks also help them to recharge, refocus, and become more productive. Whatever the reason that you want to give your students a break, they matter! They should even become a part of your to-do list template! But what to do with this time? Why not try these break ideas for students? Below is a list of brain break ideas for students you can use as a teacher.

Keep it Up 

This is a game where the students have to throw balls and keep them from hitting the ground. It offers a way of having fun and recharging their minds to help them to focus better. Add two or three more balls to make the game more fun.

Animal Pretend

This game is tailored for younger children. They will pretend to be various animals. This game is relaxing and educational, as it will teach your students how to identify different animals. Add to the fun by having your students create the mask!

Physical Challenges

Encourage your students to take on physical activities that are challenging. Challenge them to do different yoga poses, standing on one foot with arms extended, and more. This will build and motivate them to take on more challenging tasks during the lesson, just as it is taking their mind off the lessons.

Ear-Nose Switcheroo

This game is easy and necessary to reset the brain. Your students should be instructed to touch their left ear lobe with their right hand and touch their nose with their left hand at the same time. Have them quickly switch their hands with the right hand touching the left ear lobe and their left hand touching their nose. This should be done back and forth a few times.

Stretch Out

It is always good to allow your students to stretch out to after a long period of sitting at their desk, especially if you catch that their posture is bad! Stretching is also a great way to relieve the body of the stress that accumulates during regular school days. Have them stand with their feet shoulder-distance apart. Put their left hand on their hip and raise their right hand over their head. This should be repeated on the left side.

There you have it! These are some brain break ideas to help students reenergize and give them a brain boost. If they need additional support, some parents may talk with their doctor about supplements formulated for the needs of children from BrainMD, Thorne Research, Klaire Labs. Taking short breaks during regular lessons offer students the opportunity to relax and ease the tension from all the things they’ve learned so far. In case you like to include a short interlude in your lessons, the above are some excellent ideas to get started.