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6 Classroom Organization Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers

At the kindergarten level, classroom organization is very important. Teachers are dealing with kids who know nothing about responsibilities and can hardly help themselves with anything at all. It is critical, therefore, that teachers organize the classroom in a manner that will make their activities easier. Here are six ideas that can help in that regard:

Store All Classroom Supplies Properly and Label Appropriately

The first important thing to do is to sort your supplies properly and label them accordingly. There are several items you will use as a kindergarten teacher, and keeping them all together will give you a big headache. You can grab some premade labels or make them yourself.

Keep Your Hidden Supplies with You Always

There are supplies that you alone (the teacher) can use, and it is important that you keep them with you always. Such items as name cards, flair pens, smelly markers, and more need to be with you, yet not reachable for the little ones.

Keep Daily Prep Tubs

To make it easier to have everything you need for each day, keep daily prep tubs. You can arrange them days before the day you need them or first thing in the morning before the kids start arriving. Everything you will need for the day’s lesson plan should find a place in the tub.

Use DIY Library Sticks to Keep Your Library Organized

It can be difficult to keep a kindergarten classroom library properly organized. One helpful way to achieve this is to use library sticks. When students take books from the library, just place their numbered sticks in their spots.

Organize Crafts According to Months

Another idea is to organize crafts using months. Keeping all the crafts from your students organized can be tough unless you know the easy way to do it. Pack and store them according to months and label them appropriately.

Organize Your Table with Labeled Dividers

As the teacher, your table needs to be organized, and this can be a big challenge. One of the best ways to simplify that is to keep a file divider on the table. Label accordingly:

  • To do
  • To copy
  • To file
  • To send home
  • Next week.

There you have it! Above are some classroom organization ideas for kindergarten teachers. An organized kindergarten classroom makes teaching at this level easier. The six ideas here can be very helpful.