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7 Free Apps for High School Students

High school students need guidance and direction the most in their education. Often they’re neglected and lack tools that can aid their educational pursuit. In digital technology, there are so many tools online that can aid an average student in their academics. We will take a look at a few applications that are available for students to download and use for reading and other educational activities. The applications are free and can be downloaded on any app platform online.¬†


This is an app that connects students to relevant teachers online. The app allows the students to manage their academics under the supervision of their teachers or tutors. It’s available on Android and Mobile. 


This is a super-effective app that arts and music students can use to improve their educational work. It features a fantastic workstation where outcomes can be recorded and transferred accordingly. It’s available on iOS and Android. 

Paper By WeTransfer 

This is a digital sketchbook that students can draw their artwork and other drawings. The app gives them the freedom to show their creative side at any time. The app is entirely free and available on Android and iOS. 


Canva is an app that can make beautiful and admirable designs online. The app comes with some design templates that anyone can make a decent pick out of. All you need is a decent network to connect online with. The app is free and is available on all mobile platforms. 


This free app is for students who are into video creation and editing. The app will provide them with the tools to create top-notch video editing outputs in any resolution of their choice. 

Photoshop Express

This is an app that can edit and create nice pictures in any format. This will be very useful for art students who are into photography. The app is free and has available tools anyone can use. 

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a very creative tool that students can copy their class notes. It helps you to organize the notes according to the way the lectures have been delivered. It’s completely free and helpful.¬†

There you have it! Above are some free mobile apps for High school students. There are so many other tools that can be useful for students. These apps can help students with learning.