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Academic Activities that Keep Kids’ Minds Active During Summer Break

Ideally, summer break is a time for kids to take a break from the rigors of schooling and spend time with their loved ones. However, long periods of academic inactivity can lead children to lose valuable knowledge and skills.

There are various ways to prevent brain drain without making your kids feel like they are back in the classroom or handling too many assignments during summer break. Here are some effective activities to try:

Summer Scavenger Hunt

For the very little ones, a scavenger hunt can be the best way to keep them active and learning during summer break. Children love to hunt, and you can make things a lot more fun when you let each decide what to hunt. It shouldn’t be a competition.

A Colorful Summer Calendar

You can either choose an educational calendar online or get your kids to design their own summer calendars. You can guide them to achieve this with pencils, drawing papers, and rulers. You can help them schedule activities for the days.

Take Advantage of Teachable Moments

There will be lots of teachable moments during summer, and you should always take advantage of that. During your camping expeditions or summer vacations, always teach your kids as you interact.

Recreational and Social Programs

Your little ones can also benefit from recreational and social programs. Encourage them to be part of organizations like YMCA, as well as Boys and Girls Club.

Excellent Apps and Websites

There are several wonderful apps and websites your little ones can benefit from during summer break. Depending on their academic needs, they can benefits from such websites as Studycat, Math Shark, and Brilliant.

Academic Summer Camps

You can also go old-school by sending your kids to academic summer camps in local colleges and universities. This is mostly beneficial to older kids. You can also encourage your children to volunteer through local non-profit agencies or take part in reading competitions at your local library.

There you have it! Above are some academic activities that can help in keeping kids minds active during the summer break. Summer break is often considered a time to rest, have fun, and enjoy the holidays. However, this is not really a time for a child to forget everything academic. It is a time to take a breather while retaining and gaining more knowledge and skills. You may also want to connect with the Quantum Learning Network.

The activities discussed here can be beneficial to all kids. Help your little ones choose age-appropriate ones.