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Activities for High School Biology

High school biology activities allow high school students to research and learn more about what biology is and how it is useful throughout life. Going hands-on is the best way to dive deeper into the subject. Below is a list of activities for high school biology you can try with your students. But before that, don’t miss our other article on fun science experiments you can do with high school kids.

Explore Cell Division

This activity introduces students to the process of cell division. There are two types of cell division, including mitosis and meiosis. Students will understand the processes of reproduction and chromosome replication that differentiate these cell divisions. The knowledge that this activity exposes students to is immeasurable.


Cells are the basic unit of life, and this activity enables students to explore the cell components and how they function together as a system. Students will understand how the structures interact with each other. It is an interesting activity that high school biology students should partake in.


Plants grow with the aid of sunlight and how these works are rarely practiced by the student. This lesson is designed to explore how plants make their food with the aid of photosynthesis. Students will discover how plants use light and water to make and transport their food. Through activities like these, students will have a more detailed understanding of the entire photosynthesis process.

DNA Extraction

Another high school biology activity that students can engage with is DNA extraction. This activity is designed to enable students to gain more knowledge about DNA structures and functions. Through DNA extraction, students will understand the relationships between genes, chromosomes, and DNA. They will find out how the DNA strand is structured and how they form the basis of living things existence.

Cellular Respiration

The mitochondrion is a cellular powerhouse that partakes in ATP production during cellular respiration. Students, through this lesson, explore the role of this cell organelle in the production of ATP and the steps involved. They will learn more functions of the mitochondria during the lesson.

There you have it! Above are some activities for high school biology you can engage in with your students. Students are able to learn better when they are provided with the opportunity to practice. The high school biology activities mentioned above will aid students in gaining more knowledge about science.