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Activities to Learn Nomenclature in Chemistry

Learning nomenclature in chemistry is an important part beginning to understand the subject better. Fortunately, there are activities that may help you or kids to better learn the nomenclature in chemistry. These activities are made to be as fun as possible. Find out more below. 

Spot the Imposter

Have the students use this detective matchmaking game to determine which chemical formula or name is wrong in different groups. Materials include chart paper, markers, tape, notes, and pencils—record at least ten graphics in the classroom before playing.

Write three sets of chemical formulas and names on each graphic paper. The two formula and name pairs should be correct according to the rules of chemical nomenclature, but the third chemical formula and the third chemical name should not be compatible.

Prepared Mysterious Connections

Ask students to create mysterious connections for their classmates. Materials include index cards, tape, pencils, and paper.

Discuss the rules for naming chemical compounds and determining the formula of a compound by that name. Give students examples and formulas of practical chemical compounds to use these rules. Divide the class into pairs and give each pair two index cards, paper, and a pencil.

Have students write the name of a mysterious compound on one side and the corresponding chemical formula on the other side of each record sheet. Because the connections are imaginary, students don’t have to worry about whether the elements can come together. The name and formula should follow the instructions in chemical nomenclature.

For example, students could create a compound called “trisodium dichloride” with the formula Na3Cl2.

Students should stick their index cards on the wall in front of the class. One registration card should be inserted to show its formula while the other is inserted to show its name.

Each couple should then go to the wall and choose a notecard with a formula and a notebook with a chemical name. Students cannot choose their cards.

The couples then identify the name or formula for each card and write the card names and formulas on their paper. Students can return their cards and choose new ones if time permits.

Check the correct answers for each card.

Couples get five points for each correct name or correct formula on paper.

There you have it! Above are some interesting activities to help you learn nomenclature in Chemistry. Having a detailed understanding of the subject requires learning nomenclature. The fun activities recommended above can help you achieve that. Don’t miss these edible science experiments!