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Field Day Activities Students Can Do While Learning from Home

There are several things that make school fun for children. Those in elementary school are most fascinated by outdoor activities. This is one of the major reasons field days are cherished by kids. It also helps in the learning process, as well as their overall development.

The pandemic and all measures directed at containing the coronavirus have resulted in a lot of canceled activities. Clearly, it is impossible to have the regular field day activities that schools provide, but there are activities children can enjoy while learning from home. Here are some safe field day activities that can be recreated and enjoyed in the backyard:

Track and Field Game

You don’t need the entire school to be together to enjoy track and field games. The family can be enough. You can try the popular 100-meter dash (it doesn’t really have to be 100-meters). You can throw a few other activities like throwing, using child-friendly items like frisbee, and pool noodles.

Bubble Station

A bubble station is easy to build, and kids enjoy it a lot. You can fill up a plastic kiddie pool with a normal bubble solution or a DIY solution (with water, dish soap, and light corn syrup). Let the kids make bubbles, and join in the fun.

Water Balloon Toss

This is another simple activity to arrange and enjoy with the kids. Depending on how many kids and adults are available to play, a bucket or two of water balloons can help.

Obstacle Course

If you can prepare a safe backyard obstacle course, you can give your kids a field day experience that is close to what they will get in school or even better. This is possible if you have a sizeable backyard and access to a few materials like PVC pipes, pool noodles, balance beams, and hula hoops.

Pirates Treasure

It doesn’t take much effort or creativity. You just need to bury prizes where kids will have to dig them up and celebrate each find.

Face Painting

Face painting adds color to all other activities you will enjoy with your kids on field day. You don’t have to be a good artist to do this. Give it your best, and the kids will appreciate it.


Your field day shouldn’t end without the right treats for the kids. You can pick nice popsicles from the grocery store or make healthy ones at home for your kids.

There you have it! Above are some field day activities students can do while learning from home. As we get through these unprecedented times, students have to deal with learning from home. In case you need field activities to get your students engaged during the lockdown, the above ideas might help.