Learning Solutions

Games Teachers Can Play With Students on Zoom

Thanks to technology, learning has not stopped. Online learning has grown in popularity as the coronavirus pandemic makes the traditional schooling system unsafe for all. Students and teachers are connecting online, and the adjustments have been successful for most participants.

Just like in regular schools, learning cannot just be all work and no play. It is critical that games are incorporated into the learning process, especially games that teachers can pay with the students. Here, we will briefly describe fun Zoom games that can be useful in the teaching process:

Freeze Dance

This is not just a game – it is an interesting activity that will keep kids active and excited. You will need to communicate the rules clearly before playing interesting music. Generally, everyone has to dance and freeze immediately after the music stops. The last person to stop dancing is out and has to watch others continue the game. It will be fun, exciting, and beneficial.

I Spy

This is an interesting game that will test children’s observation skills. The teacher will need to choose an object from the onscreen background and give the student hints. A common example is “I spy something Purple.” You can also choose an object from the background of one of the students. The kids will have to take time, observing and guessing what the object is.

First Letter, Last Letter

This is a fun game that will help to reinforce spelling and vocabulary skills. It is quite simple to play and doesn’t require any objects. The teacher can start the game by naming an animal, maybe “cat.” The first student will name an animal that starts with the last letter of the animal named by the teacher. The second student names an animal that starts with the last letter of the animal named by the first student, and the circle continues.

Memory Game

As the name suggests, this is a game that can enhance your student’s memory. You can start by placing memorable items on a board. Give your students enough time to memorize the items. They cannot write what they have seen. Take the board out of view and remove one item. Bring it back and ask students to name the missing item and record who names it first.

There are several other games teachers can play with students on Zoom. You can start with the ones discussed here for now.