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How a Teaching Observation Checklist Tracks Student Growth

Teaching is meaningless unless your students are growing in knowledge. Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to track student’s growth. This is especially true when you have many students to attend to. It is important, however, that you find the right way to keep track of how your students are faring. It is the best way to understand what they need at any time and address their educational needs appropriately. Are you finding it hard to identify the best way to keep track of your student’s growth? Use this teaching observation checklist.

Interview Individual Students

One of the issues that an interview can address is how well a student is grasping concepts. In a classroom setting, some students may not want to ask for help. Taking a moment to conduct an interview can reveal a lot about their progress and where they might be “tripping up,” including reasons outside of the classroom for why they are falling behind. 

As Questions Regularly as Students Work

Another way to track how well your students are learning is to ask relevant questions as they work on their assignments. This may appear like interviews, but they are less formal and aimed at making the students share information about their understanding of the subject matter without any pressure. 

Self-Assessment After Important Assignments 

Self-assessments work for most students; it is actually a valuable skill they can apply to other areas of their lives. It can be very effective when you have your students grouped to perform some important tasks as part of a larger assignment. Have the student assess how they think they did, where they would like to improve, and areas of concern. You can ask through a questionnaire, journaling, or a checklist of how they feel they have performed in their respective groups. This way, you can get a better idea of how they are faring in the subject matter, as well as their relationship with peers. 

Important Dialogue with Individual Students 

Individual dialogue with individual students can help unearth things that will otherwise remain hidden and undermine the student’s ability to learn. You can arrange a 10 to 15-minute conference with individual students weekly to discuss important topics to increase your understanding of their needs. 

A Performance Assessment 

A performance assessment is one of the most reliable ways to track student growth. You just have to give tasks that are related to the skill or concept you have taught and access how well each student learned. 

There you have it! Above are some teaching observation checklist to help track your student’s growth. The best way to track your students’ growth is to observe them closely and interact with them as much as possible. Here, we have given an informal checklist that can be very helpful to any teacher. 

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