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Ideas for 4th-Grade Science Projects for Kids

4th Grade science projects are a great way for kids to practice what they have learned in school so far. Also, it is a way of exploring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). For a 4th grade student, below is a list of science projects that you can choose from.

Discover a Plant or Animal

This is a sort of science project that 4th grade students will find interesting. They can invent a plant or animal that has never been seen before. They can give it a name of their choice and explain the biology behind it. Try to base it off of something that already exists to challenge them to think critical. For example, if it flies in the air, what qualities might it have to make that possible? Same thing for it lives in water, and so on.

Invent a Pulley System

The science of developing a system as intricate as pulley will never cease to pique kids’ interest. They will be willing to take on the project of developing a pulley system that will aid them to lift an object easier.

Grow Bacteria

Kids may have seen scientists grow bacteria in a petri dish in a science laboratory or the movies. The idea of swabbing an area, like a keyboard, door handle, or other often used area, and seeing what grows, will interest them. It is a classic science experiment that is easy, fun, and teaches them about how bacteria grows and survives.

Find Out if Worms are Sensitive to Light

Worms are small and highly sensitive creatures. They are typically found in soil, often burrowed until it rains and they move up to the surface. Kids can gather a handful of warms and introduce them to different spectrums of light (colors) to see what happens. You can use a color-changing LED bulb that can also be dimmed, or buy some colored filters that you can place in front of a light. Then record your findings!

Experiment on Decomposition

You bet that kids always wonder why foods left unpreserved decomposes. They must have been asking themselves, “where do the mold that grows on decomposed foods come from?” Allow them to seal foods in plastic bags and experiment on the factors that cause the food decomposition. This can include the amount of water in the bag, temperature, how well it is sealed, and anything else that you might think will change the outcome. Just make sure to toss out the spoiled food when complete.

There you have it! The above are some wonderful ideas for 4th grade science projects for kids. Science projects are vital to enhancing the academic and cognitive abilities of a student. These are the different science projects that 4thgrade students can easily take on to enhance their science knowledge. Teachers should be willing to guide them to enable them to achieve a better result.