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Ideas for Science Experiments for High School Kids

Science experiments in high schools are a great way for students to explore science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and safe way. Science experiments also offer high school kids the avenue to practice what they been taught so far.

Are you looking for science project ideas for high school kids? To perform science experiments targeted for high school kinds check out these ideas.

Science of Ice-cream Making

How is an ice-cream mixture able to freeze after being subjected to freezing point temperature? How does salt or sugar affect its freezing? All these happen for particular logical and scientific reasons. Help high school kids find out what makes ice-cream freeze in your next high school science fair.

Smoke Bomb Experiment

Smoke bomb experiments are well suited for high school kids. Smoke bomb experiments offer them the perfect opportunity to learn more about combustion. What makes this experiment more interesting is that the kids will find it fun, which will propel them further to experiment on how it works.

Soda Eruption

Do you want high school kids to find out why soda erupts all of a sudden when a couple of mentos are dropped in a Coca Cola body? This experiment gives them the privilege to have a firsthand experience of how this occurs.

Invisible Ink

Experimenting on an invisible ink will be just what you need to keep up high school kids’ interest in science. Using lemon juice, you will be able to make invisible inks where you will conceal messages. Quinine sulfate can also be used in the making of invisible ink.

Wind Energy

In a world where sustainability is highly sought-after, this experiment should be beneficial to high school kids. You can encourage them to build mechanical equipment that will generate wind energy. Allow them to explain the principles that drive this function. Make sure that they have the materials they need. If you lack funding for your classrooms, consider some fundraising projects.

Science experiments are essential to sharpen students’ knowledge regarding science. These science experiments are an ideal way to initiate them into the world of science, technology, engineering, and math. What are you waiting for? Get started with them today.