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Less Traditional Instruments Kids Should Learn to Play

It is advisable that you let your kids learn as much as they can in the course of their childhood. Learning an instrument is one of the skills you should afford your kids the opportunity to learn. Most parents dream of their kids growing up to be stars and performers therefore it is imperative to know when they should start learning how to play instruments and the preferable instruments to learn.

It has been discovered that the right age range for your child to start learning how to play an instrument is between zero to nine years. This window is very vital if you want your child to attain mastery of musical instruments then you should get them playing from this age. They should get used to the instruments within this bracket, this would be better achieved by giving them informal lessons so they don’t end up hating the instrument.

In this article, we are going to explore this and some less traditional instruments kids should learn how to play. 

Instruments Kids Should Learn How to Play

These instruments are considered less traditional:

Piano / Keyboard

This is often considered one of the best less-traditional instruments a kid can play, although it is sometimes considered a classical instrument. This instrument enables kids to express themselves freely and build dexterity. They can play from simple to complex musical compositions, it is also quite intriguing to kids because the keys make different sounds.

If your home does not accommodate room for a piano, the keyboard is a great option here.. One of their great features is their durability, many people can use the same keyboard without it being tuned, they are adaptable to many situations. Kids find them very fun because they have pre-recorded music that can be a great guide to your kids, this can aid their learning of the keyboard.

Keyboards can be used at different locations because they are easy to move, unlike some heavier instruments. You do not need to be a professional to play a keyboard, you can be a novice and still have a lot of fun with the keyboard. This instrument can help improve the memory, concentration focus, and other important skills a kid needs. Try starting your kids on their musical journey with this instrument and see how they will love it. Yamaha makes keyboards that are excellent for beginners.


Guitars are very cool and intriguing, from old acoustics to modern electric ones can help your kids find expression and passion through music. It is also easy to learn and many popular songs can be rendered with this instrument. This instrument can help your kids build the use of their fingers and sharpen their coordination. It is advisable that your child be at least eight years before the start using guitars. You can find a variety of new guitars on sites like Reverb, or you can also get vintage guitars with a more storied feel from places like Gruhn’s Guitars or Carter Vintage Guitars.


The violin is one of those instruments that require a child to be inclined to it before training commences. For a child to play the violin well that child would need to be able to distinguish different tones and sounds. Once a child masters this basic requirement they would soar in the perfecting of this instrument. The size of the violin makes it particularly attractive to children because they do not have to struggle with handling it. Mendini is a great beginner brand which you can find on Amazon.


Having a drum set is the dream of many kids, this is not a traditional instrument like other ones but it builds a lot of skills in your kids. It improves coordination, dexterity, concentration, and sharp focus. They relieve stress and anxiety, kids can use them to vent disappointments, frustration, and some other negative emotions by playing the drums very hard. The ideal age for children to start playing drums is Ten years, this way they have enough maturity physically to handle the drum set.

That’s my list! Let your kids listen to some songs and identify for themselves what instrument they are interested in. As a side note, ear plugs can be a smart investment as well while your child learns a new instrument!