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Reading Incentive Program Ideas to Encourage Student Literacy

Some kids love reading and will embrace literacy wholeheartedly. Some are not so interested in books and will need a little pushing to read. Reading is clearly the best way for students to learn, and teachers are expected to inspire and encourage them. You can do that through reading incentive programs. Here are a few ideas to try:


Reading incentives doesn’t always have to cost money. Special recognition for the students who have made progress in their reading can be enough to encourage them and motivate others to take their paths.

Free Time

Students crave more free time than many teachers realize. You can use it as a reward for students who have embraced literacy. When they meet certain milestones, give them more free time. You will see that even the stubborn ones will want to earn free time too.

Special Seating

This doesn’t mean segregating your students, but there are ways to effectively use seating arrangements to encourage students to read. You can allow your star readers to sit with their friends or sit close to you or at your desk for part of the class.

Special Privileges

There are other special privileges you can afford your star readers besides favorable sitting arrangement. You can reward some of your brightest readers with the special job of being your assistant for a day. Others will crave the same privilege and start reading more.

Immediate Small Prizes

Also, students are often excited and eager when there is an incentive for their efforts. If you have the budget for it, there is nothing wrong with rewarding your star readers with little prizes for their efforts and dedication. There are several items you can use as incentives, including school supplies, bookmarks, vouchers, and even edible treats.

Points towards a Bigger Prize

When you have bigger prices that cannot get to everyone in your class who decides to read more, creating a point system of reward can be very helpful. Inform the students how they will earn their points and make the process transparent. You should also have little prizes for students who tried but couldn’t win the grand prize.

There you have it! Above are some reading incentive program ideas to encourage student literacy. You can motivate students to embrace literacy. The best way to do that is to have an interesting reading incentive program. The six ideas discussed here always work.

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