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Recycling Activities for Kindergarteners

To save our planet, all hands must be on deck. From the oldest person in your household to the youngest ones who can understand instructions, everyone needs to learn some of the best ways to protect planet earth, including recycling.

Honestly, recycling is one of the easiest things about saving the world that you can teach children. Here, we will briefly discuss some recycling activities that are ideal for children who are still in kindergarten.

Make Recycling Bin for the Home

You can make recycle bins for your home with children. As you work, explain to them what the bin is for and why it is so important to have a recycling bin in the house and other places around the house. When they see the effort you put into making the bin; they will have more respect for it and what it stands for.

Build a Robot with Cardboards and Yogurt Containers

Instead of throwing cardboards away, use them to demonstrate to your little ones what recycling and reusing is all about. Even yogurt containers and other hard paper materials can be used to build things like robots, toy cars, and more.

Make a Bird Feeder with the Kids

You can also demonstrate to your little ones that almost everything is reusable by using whatever you can find around the house to build a bird feeder. It doesn’t need any technical knowledge.

Paint the Recycling Symbol

You can teach kids at the kindergarten level to recognize the recycling sign and identify recycle bins in public. The easiest way to make sure that they appreciate it really well is to paint it with them.  

Read the Right Books with Them

The kind of books you read to your little ones shape their understanding of the world. You can read books about recycling with them to get them to appreciate the practice from a young age.

Watch the Right Videos with Them

There are also videos online that can teach your kids about recycling. Watch these videos with them and teach them about recycling. It will really help.

There you have it! Above are some interesting recycling activities for kindergarteners. There are several other ways to teach kids about recycling, but these are the major ones that involve their participation and drive home the point faster. They will also help you to bond with your kids better.