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Safe Places to Connect With Penpals for Kids

Having a penpal is fun and beneficial for your kids. The most obvious benefit is the opportunity to learn about another part of the world and develop a more global perspective. Having penpals also offers psychological benefits that your kids need as they learn more about the world. But how do you find penpals for your kids? And how can you be sure that the relationship will be safe for your little ones? Here are safe places we know you can find penpals for your kids.

PenPal School 

This was designed by some concerned teachers, with the goal of making global project-based learning easy. Here, you will have to choose a topic that relates to the subject matter, and the platform will connect your class to an appropriate class. Currently, there are more than 30 topics children can discuss, and the platform is astutely moderated by teachers.

Students of the World 

This has been recognized as the largest online student PenPal network in the world. It has more than a million registered kids from different parts of the world. Depending on the country or culture you want to learn about, you can filter your search to find relevant profiles to connect with and share insights. 


This is another platform that works best for classrooms. You will find that there are several registered classes from around the world, and all you need to do is choose a country, age range, language, and class size to find relevant classes. There are two options for communication; class to class and student to student. The first option allows students to privately message any other student in the partner class, while the second option only allows students to message only their matched partner(s).

PenPal World 

This is probably the best place for parents who want to find penpals for their kids who are trying to learn more about other countries and cultures. Here, more than two million users from across the world are looking to find penpals. You can search up profiles according to interest or age and add the ones that match.

penpals offer kids several amazing benefits. Thankfully, there are several penpal platforms that are safe. However, the ones discussed here are the ones we believe are the safest for kids. Good luck with finding the right penpal for your little one.