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School Halloween Projects Ideas That Combine Learning and Fun

For many students, Halloween is their favorite holiday during the school year. You will notice that the week leading up to Halloween is normally the most exciting time, with students dressing up, playing games, and exchanging candy. In addition to the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters, schoolchildren also enjoy most Halloween projects. It is important, therefore, that teachers initiate projects that will be fun and educative at the same time. Are you trying to come up with project ideas that combine learning and fun? Here are some suggestions to consider: 

A Ghostly Hand 

This can be one of the most memorable science lessons for your students this year. To do this, you will start by filling a jar with vinegar. Next, fill a plastic glove with bicarbonate soda and fit it onto the top of the jar. As the bicarbonate mixes with the vinegar, carbon dioxide will be produced to inflate the glove, making it appear like a ghostly hand. 

Make Straw Skeletons 

This is an easy biology project that even preschool kids will complete and enjoy. Once the skull is already printed or drawn on the paper, cut the straws into sizes, and use them to form the skeleton. Encourage everyone to try it out.

A Pumpkin Puzzle 

You can ask your students to answer maths-based questions with pumpkins. There are different ways you can do this. You can ask your students to guess the circumference of a pumpkin, measure the circumference, and calculate how close they were to the right answer. You can also ask them to guess the heaviest of the pumpkins and measure afterward to determine how correctly they guessed.

Read Some Halloween Books 

There are certainly lots of Halloween-themed books your students can read and summarize as parts of their assessment. You can read one or two in class. Make sure the stories are age-appropriate. You can also encourage Halloween-type creative writing.

Create Dotted Pumpkins 

Have you introduced your students to Yayoi Kusama and his works? If you haven’t done that, this is a good time to do it. Work with them to create dotted pumpkins of their own. 

There you have it! Above are some school Halloween project ideas to help combine learning and fun. Fun Halloween school projects can and should come with important lessons. These are just simple ideas that combine learning with fun. With these projects, you can create an avenue for school kids to learn while having fun, alongside.