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Ten Classroom Incentive Ideas to Get Kids to Read

To encourage your kids to read books, you can offer incentives like reward or motivation. Read on to find out some of our preferred incentive ideas.

Listen to Audiobooks

Ensure that your students select the audiobook they prefer, and when they reach their reading goal, guide them to listening to them daily.

Hike Outside

You can introduce these activities to the students to encourage them to reach their reading goals. Please encourage them to take a walk around the school environment.

Make Smoothies

Making your favourite smoothie bar is a delicious, healthy way to celebrate reaching a milestone!

Offer Homework Passes

Ensure that you allow your students to rest for a day to complete their work. Doing this will enable them to take their work seriously.

Give Your Students Tickets

This incentive idea will cost you a bit of cash; an example is the book fair titles. Give them tickets after reaching a milestone for motivation.

Create a Data Wall

This can be controversial; however, some students prefer public recognition. We also prefer the data walls to focus on the group’s actions, such as the Fluency Graph.

Give Them Extra Time for Gym Activities

Kids will like to go for any playful activities; thus, ensure that you incorporate these activities into your program to enhance your students’ reading habits.

Make Custom Book Bags

Trust me; your kids will cherish this creative idea. They will appreciate seeing their names on their book bags. You can find several ideas on Pinterest to design the bags.

Throw a Dance Party

The truth is that everyone is not interested in this activity. However, your kids will appreciate compiling a playlist of their favourite songs. Avoid making it an individual activity and let them select the songs. The students can listen to these songs while doing their home projects.

Have Class Outside

After the students have reached their reading goals, you can take them outside to enjoy the warm weather.

There you have it! Above are some classroom incentive ideas to encourage kids to read. These ten incentive ideas will enable you to get the best from your students and push them to reach their reading goals. Learn about additional incentives through the Quantum Learning Network.