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Thanksgiving Crafts for Elementary School Kids

Thanksgiving is not just the time to relax and eat yummy turkey. It is equally a time to learn. For elementary school kids who you can’t expect to fully appreciate the primary reason for the season, there are several interesting crafts they can be involved with.  

Do you have elementary school kids at home? Do you want to keep them busy and happy with some crafts during Thanksgiving this year? Here are some DIY ideas that are simple enough for the kids and impressive enough for their learning and developmental goals:

Thankful Pie

There is nothing better than a simple craft that will let the children get a better idea of what Thanksgiving is all about. A thankful pie will always do the trick. Along the top of the pie, write the words ‘I’m Thankful For…’ and ask the little ones to write their responses as they rotate the pie.

Paper Bag Turkey

This is super easy to make but will look great when you get it right. You also don’t need much to get started and get the kids to complete the project. To make it easier, prepare all the paper cut-outs and feathers in advance.

Painted Rocks and Leaves Centerpiece

Your thanksgiving table can be more colorful and beautiful when you get your children involved with the preparation. Let them find the best rocks and leaves outside, and paint them bright. Paint the alphabets that spell out holiday-appropriate phrases like ‘Give Thanks’ on the stones and surround them with the colorful leaves.

Candy Corn Bunting

This is another thanksgiving craft for kids that you can use as parts of your decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s pretty easy to make. You need a plain white paper plate. Proceed to paint a yellow acrylic border on the outer edge and a yellow on the inside. You can cut into triangles when the paints dry, punch holes, and then thread with twine.

Turkey Glove Puppet

You can teach your elementary school kids to create turkey glove puppets with ease. Just cut out different colored papers to affix on the different hands and special little fabrics to form the head of the turkey on the thumb.

Pumpkin Stress Balls

Here is another easy, fun craft that can be useful after Thanksgiving. You can create this by filling colorful balloons with rice grains and drawing spooky faces on them.

Get your elementary school kids engaged this Thanksgiving with the craft ideas mentioned above. They are certainly going to have a memorable experience.