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Use Guided Reading Checklists to Keep Kids on Track

Kids are bound to be more successful in their academics and life if parents take keen interests in them. Research has shown that parental interest and engagement in their kid’s academics can lead to higher grades. Taking time out to do crafts together may be another way!

Ensuring that your kids are on track by reading books and accomplishing other academic tasks is key to their success. Parents must help by creating a learning environment that will encourage them to participate in their academics actively. 

Below are some ways to keep your kids on track with their academics. Consider this as part of your guided reading checklists to make sure you are hitting targets.

Read With Your Child

Reading with your child is an effective method of instilling the love for books in them. Reading with them involves reading aloud and reading in turns. This method works for kids of any age. Reading with them is leading by example and showing that reading is important. 

Discuss What You Read

To be sure that kids comprehend what they are reading, it is important to talk about what they have learned with them. Talking about the story, characters, and asking them questions is a fantastic way of enhancing their comprehension skills and deepening their love for reading. 

Allow Them to Choose the Book They Want to Read

Just like adults, kids have book preferences that they feel comfortable reading. Having a kid read a book above their level won’t bode well for them. Allow them to read books that dovetails their comprehension level as this will egg them on to read further.

Take Them to the Library

A great way to strengthen a kid’s love for books is to take them to a library. During summer, you can visit the library with them, where they will find a variety of literary works that tickle their fancy. The thrill of finding a new and fascinating book is a memory that will live with them for the rest of their life. 

Something else to consider when going through a guided reading checklist is the development of their growing body. Good nutrition is key to maintain the growth and function of the brain. Brands like Hylands, Twinlab, and Nordic Naturals provide supplements that may be ideal for your needs. 
There you have it! The above are some items to put on your guided reading checklists if you have several that you can use to keep kids on track. Reading is an excellent way for children to become better in their academics. The checklist above is highly versatile to ensure that your kids are on track towards achieving academic excellence.